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i know kyoani isn’t going to do it sO I DID IT

pLE Ase

even just a little bit ;_;

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night swimming is good for your health

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if i ship a fictional heterosexual couple their writers should congratulate themselves

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3.18 / 4.09

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So we have an Italian exchange student at our school. And he and I were hanging out and he saw a pony, and he tried to show me but he didn’t know what it was called so he just pointed at it and said “Look, the compressed horse.” 

And then he just grinned at his complete understanding of the English language.  

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GQ is like that one super attractive straight guy friend you have who lets you sit on his lap when you’re at happy hour.

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You know when you need to practice speaking a language but you don’t want to speak it in front of native speakers because you’re worried they will judge you for your poor grammar skills and limited vocabulary

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if i ever stop reblogging this it’s because i’m dead and in my grave. 

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MEMO: The space bar is important. 

also punctuation placement 

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Leandro Erlich - Swimming Pool

Leandro Erlich, Argentina b.1973

Swimming pool 2010 Timber, swimming pool ladder, plexiglass an water

“An extraordinary and visually confounding installation…Erlich constructed a full-size pool, complete with all its trappings, including a deck and a ladder.

When approached from the first floor, visitors were confronted with a surreal scene: people, fully clothed, can be seen standing, walking, and breathing beneath the surface of the water.

It was only when visitors entered the Duplex gallery from the basement that they recognized that the pool is empty, its construction a visual trick fashioned by the artist.

A large, continuous piece of acrylic spanned the pool and suspended water above it, creating the illusion of a standard swimming pool that was both disorienting and humorous.”

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dead poets society + text posts

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this child dresses better than every guy in my school

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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]


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